Just prior to the Top Squad II match, the VTAS boys meet in a Zone Chat and VTAS_Sgt_Rock addresses the troops.  He says, "click here".

Now VTAS_Sgt_Rock is laying down the format, saying, "click here", about half  way  through   VTAS_Type_2 says, "click here".

The guys are getting restless, like highly trained thoroughbreds waiting for the race to start, when the message comes across from the Host.... "click here".  The VTAS boys enter the room and immediately stage on the runway, where the banter starts, "click here", with VTAS_Sgt_Rock executing his favorite macros "click here"

The Host asks if VTAS is ready and the reply is affirmative, but one of the VTAS is having trouble getting their engine started and calls on the ground crew to help, "click here".

The VTAS squad takes off on a straight heading, gaining altitude.  Meanwhile, as the enemy approachs the dauntless VTAS boys from three O'Clock, VTAS_Grim says, "click here".   VTAS_Jabo, getting nervous, says over the VTAS Roger Wilco channel, with VTAS_Sgt_Rock's terse reply: "click here".

VTAS_Sgt_Rock finally gives the signal to engage and the VTAS boys turn towards the  enemy 'crying' out over the RW channel "click here".  

Suddenly the enemy appears and is over 5k higher than our heroes (the VTAS boys) and the RW chatter starts, "click here", the battle begins and the sky is 'a mass' of whirling planes, bullets, tracers, and smoke. . . . 

VTAS_Sgt_Rock leads the attack and 'cries' out, "click here"  . . . . . after the first pass the sounds of the battle come across the RW channel,

 VTAS_MageDogTag says, "click here".  Alas only 2 VTAS are still airborne and trying to make it back to base while the enemy says,  "click here"

. . . . finally the Host says, "click here".  The boys congratulate the enemy and exit the lobby where a Zone Chat is setup for a debriefing, VTAS_Sgt_Rock says, "We didn't do that badly", and VTAS_Type_2 says, "click here"  

. . . . . WELL, What will become of our intrepid heroes (the VTAS boys)?

WILL they get their rear's in gear and practice?, Blame it on the rain?, Blame the C.O.?, get stinking drunk?, analyze the match 'to death'???.

 Find Out in the next episode where

VTAS_Sgt_Rock asks the question?, "click here"

But until then, "click here"